We are an idea. An exhibition space.

A container needed to express and let express.

The Almiarte study represents a selling point to date, offering exhibitions / quality label, but it is also a place for art lovers in general, with workshops, themed activities and promotion of a "concept art to live" that it is a bit forgotten. Inserted in an urban context with cultural appeal due to its proximity to one of the most beautiful Romanesque churches, the Church of San Pietro, appointed in 1912 National Monument, has the aspiration to promote and publicize the pictorial and sculptural art of the nineteenth and the first half of the twentieth century, especially the authors of Lombard area and surroundings. The setting consists of colors,
poetry and beauty of an art that relies on solid traditions demonstrates the creativity of our country is strong and significant. Hence the decision to open the business from artists born or lived in Lombardy, where artists can try and find a bit of ourselves. It started as a challenge driven by passion and enthusiasm for the charming nineteenth-century and twentieth-century figurative art and landscape that attracts those who are less easily predisposed to the vision of artistic forms, has the primary intention to propose and publicize a new exhibition reality it reaches a wider audience with which to establish an ongoing and dynamic relationship.